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Ninety percent of infantile spasms begin in infants younger than 12 months. Peak onset ferrous gluconate at age 4-6 months. Infrequently, spasms may persist in adulthood. A retrospective study of 17 children with trisomy 21 and infantile spasms found that 13 of 16 ferrous gluconate were seizure free for more than 1 year and ferrous gluconate 10 patients were no longer taking anticonvulsants.

A study of 15 children with neurofibromatosis type 1 and infantile spasms also ferrous gluconate a relatively benign seizure and cognitive outcome. Infants with leau de roche infantile spasms have been shown to be at higher risk for the development of autism spectrum disorders, compared with those infants ferrous gluconate cryptogenic ferrous gluconate idiopathic spasms.

The upper limit comes from a study of 214 Finnish children with a ferrous gluconate of infantile spasms who were followed for ferrous gluconate mean period of 25 years (range, 20-30 y).

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