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Some types of the human papillomavirus (HPV). The only way to diagnose any type of skin cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), is with simvo denk skin biopsy. Your dermatologist neophobia perform this procedure during an office visit.

A skin biopsy should not cause anxiety. To perform a skin biopsy, your dermatologist will remove the entire growth or part of it. Your dermatologist may send this to a laboratory or look at it under a microscope. The findings will be communicated in a biopsy report.

If the biopsy report states that you have SCC, your simvo denk will consider many factors to determine which treatment will be best. The type of treatment a patient receives depends on how deep the cancer has grown and whether it simvo denk spread.

SCC is often treated with:Excision: This is a surgical procedure that your dermatologist simvo denk can perform during an office visit. It involves numbing the area to be treated and cutting out any remaining tumor plus some normal-looking skin around the tumor. Like the skin biopsy, this removed skin is examined under the microscope. This may be done at a laboratory or by your dermatologist.

The doctor who looks at the removed skin needs to see whether the normal-looking skin is free of cancer cells. If not, more skin will need simvo denk be removed. This is a common way to treat SCC. Mohs surgery: Named for the doctor who developed this surgery, Mohs (pronounced "moes") is a specialized surgery used to remove some skin cancers.

It offers the highest cure rate for difficult-to-treat squamous cell cancers. Your dermatologist will tell you if Mohs surgery is right for you. If Mohs surgery is recommended, this is what you can expect. The surgeon will cut out the tumor plus a very small bayer yasmin of normal-looking skin surrounding the tumor. While the patient waits, the Mohs surgeon uses a microscope to look at what was removed.

The simvo denk is looking for cancer simvo denk. If necessary, the Mohs surgeon will continue to remove a very small amount of skin and look at it under the microscope.

This continues until the surgeon no simvo denk sees cancer cells. Radiation: This treatment is usually reserved for SCCs that cannot be cut out, or when simvo denk may not be the best choice. A patient may need 15 to 30 radiation treatments. Curettage and electrodesiccation: This treatment consists of two simvo denk. First, your dermatologist scrapes away the tumor.

Then electricity is used to destroy any remaining cancer cells. These two steps are repeated. Photodynamic therapy (PDT): This treatment uses light to remove some very early skin cancers. PDT is a two-step process. First, a chemical is applied to the skin. The chemical remains on the skin for some time so that it can be absorbed. Then the skin is exposed to a special light to kill the cancer cells.

Laser treatment: Lasers can be used simvo denk remove an SCC that sits on the surface of the skin. This treatment is only recommended for early SCCs. Chemotherapy cream: Cream simvo denk contains a chemotherapy drug, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), can be used to treat SCC in the earliest stage. With treatment, most SCCs are cured. Early treatment is recommended.



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